Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!

Can you believe Barbie is 50 this week? Has any other doll stirred such insane controversy? OK...she has an ultra-slim figure that does represent a ridiculous standard for body shape... yes, it's quite difficult to measure up to her standards... But let's remember, she is a doll, a toy! Let's meet Barbie, she's 36, successful, single woman who owns her own Dream Home and drives a convertible Corvette. She loves children and animals. Many of her earlier versions emulated great role models as Nurse Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, Doctor Barbie and even Nascar Barbie.
What does bother me is she is a little "too pink"... the isle in the store is just a huge "cotton candy" pink-out! I had my share of Barbie's, my most favorite outfit was the wedding dress and all the accessories! In the 60's the accessories were very realistic from real looking telephones, food and the clothing were quality miniatures... today's versions are a little too sparkly and very fake plastic - maybe that's why she is appealing to a younger audience today.
So...let's wish Barbie a Happy Birthday...even is she is not your favorite doll, we all most likely had at least one and can relate to her... I have fond memories of my barbie doll case with the 2 drawers where we kept her accessories and little hangers we hung her clothes on... Would we rather little girls want to have a Brittney Spears doll???

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