Friday, March 6, 2009

Anything to avoid packing an overnight bag!

OK... it's not all that bad...but I will do just about ANYTHING to avoid packing a suitcase on a business trip... even to the extent of coming home at 10 PM, and getting back on the road at 6 AM... all to avoid packing a bag. Make no mistake...if it was a pleasure trip with my family...I'm FIRST out the door.
In my almost 30 years of professional life, I've done my share of traveling... and honestly, compared to many - not all that much. I used to (now I'm dating myself) fly the Eastern Airlines Shuttle back and forth to Boston like it was a commuter train.
What is it that I really don't like?
1. Plain and simple, having to think of what I'll wear and packing it!
2. Dealing with a hair dryer in a hotel - or worse, unpredictable showers and getting my hair wet!
3. Eating restaurant food...too much of it - getting out of my routine!
4. Just wishing I was home in my own bed (this is work...not a vacation)
5. Coming home to a "messy" house... I live with MEN... they don't see it...
SO... in our current economic climate...I'm very grateful to have a job...and one I like with people I love... but now I'm home in my PJ's... knowing I have to be back at the hotel at 7 AM... and so glad my overnight bag did not have to surface!

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