Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cell Phone Ettiquette....

I'm sure you've all heard the expression "use your inside voice"... I must have said it repeatedly to my son during the "grooming years"... you know... that short span when you TRY and lay the foundation of what is acceptable behavior and what is just NOT acceptable... I'm sure much of it went to a "deaf" ear.. even so, in my heart I pray some of it was absorbed. This has little to do with that (that's a blog onto itself).. this has to do with ADULTS talking on their cell phones....
I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THEM... hearing one side of a trivial conversation is just not appropriate... especially when you are STUCK and can't escape it.... like... on a deli line... when you have to endure 14 people in front of you...or worse yet... when you are TRYING to zone out and relax during a pedicure and you are stuck listening to someone rambling next to you.... it's just GOD AWFUL! I've done the "brief stare"... and given "the look" ... "it's enough already"... do people really think we want to hear them? Do they think they are all that important?
1.VERY BASIC... use your inside voice... you do not have to go up a few decibels when on a cell phone... unless you're standing on the runway of an airport... please, please do not scream!
2. Take it OUTSIDE... no one wants to hear you.... excuse yourself and talk privately!
3. It's OK to say, I'm not in an inappropriate place to talk... "I'll call you back"... or better yet, unless it's an emergency... don't answer!
4. Remember, NO ONE wants to hear you... you're just NOT THAT IMPORTANT...sorry, but hearing a one way conversation is rude, obnoxious and plain and simply annoying... be considerate to others.
5. Stay in your zone... you look like a "zombie" pushing a cart in the grocery store and half engaged in a cell phone conversation!
I won't even go into talking while driving... I'm the worlds biggest offender... I've paid my share of fines, but I'm alone and actually budget my time to allow phone calls while in the car ... but I'm NOT bothering anyone...and with my blue tooth and other ear devices, I'm also legal.
I think this is basic manners 101... if someone is trapped and can't escape your phone call... be considerate...and if you are in a situation to either call back, or take the call outside....please, please remember it's very much appreciated! I'm I out on a limb feeling this way?

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preppyplayer said...

I agree with you. I also think it is rude to text while with others, as if they're not important or special enough...