Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take Time to Celebrate...

Today in Mass we celebrated a parishioner's 80th birthday... It was beautiful. I saw her when she entered church wearing a beautiful corsage, she was wearing it so proudly... and her family was all with her. Her grandchildren brought up the gifts to the altar, she was beaming. After Mass Father asked her to come to the altar and he sent her off with a beautiful blessing...
It reminded me of our celebration for my Mom's 80th last December, all Mom wanted was her immediate family and a small dinner. I hope I'm as healthy and able when I'm 80!
Ironically, today was our parish breakfast with our current 9th graders who are being confirmed celebrating Mass before breakfast, it was so nice to see them together, it was as if they were their own family as well.
Maybe spring fever is making me more nostalgic?
Happy Birthday Lucille and thanks for the memory of celebrating my mom's only a few months ago!

My Mom's 80th birthday celebration!

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