Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Paddy's Day!!! my Irish Family, (The Downeys, Cravins, Byrnes, etc.), Irish Friends and everyone else who is "Irish on Paddy's Day" ...
At least once a year I make corned beef and cabbage... but a few years ago I decided I was going to stop making it... my son "HATES" it and I don't want his memory of Paddy's Day having to smell and eat a meal he dislikes! So, I decided to make Salmon...a VERY Irish meal... Besides, corned totally an American Meal... you can't find it in Ireland! The spuds, cabbage and carrots, absolutely, in abundance - but it's cooked with boiled bacon (rashers)... and NOT a very popular meal and never a tradition on Paddy's Day! Here in America, March 17 is a day of beer-fueled insanity, filled with visions of shamrocks and leprechauns! In Ireland they start the day off in Church and celebrate Mass. Dublin's River Liffey is not tinted green, there is no green stripe painted down any street in Dublin and you'll need more thant "the luck of the Irish" to find green bagels! Pubs in Ireland only started staying open around 1979, primarily for the tourists who wanted to celebrate!

The first Paddy's Day Parade in America was held in Boston in the 1700, starting a tradition through out many parts of the country...none bigger than in NYC. I have a theory...beware of holidays when "non drinkers decided to drink"... both New Year's Eve and Paddy's Day are prime examples!

On a lighter side - St. Patrick's Day is just part of the fun of finding your Irish heart and soul - even if you're not Irish. It's fun to embrace the Irish music and culture. It's a "feel good holiday"... so even if corned beef and cabbage is not traditional "Irish Fare"... it's good to eat and be part of the spirit! AND...I broke down and cooked a corned beef and cabbage this past weekend, along with many loaves of Irish Soda Bread and Irish Whiskey Cake... I could not help myself!


DailyMama said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Susan!! Love the blog. I agree with your view of the Americanized version of the 'Irish holiday!' I am off to NYC for work today and can only hope no one spills green beer on my lovely winter white pants LOL!!
See you soon! :) Maura

Susan said...

Hi Maura.... so happy to see you are "blogging"... see you guys soon... have fun in the safe... "remember to beware when those non-drinkers decided to drink"!