Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank you "Eddie Bauer"!

Of course I could be TOTALLY wrong... but I "want" to believe I may have had "something" to do with this...
I've reflected on this before... my "pet peeve" with Eddie Bauer was advertising free shipping, then sneaking in a "handling" charge, and they taxed the handling charge, even on items in NJ (no sales tax on clothes in NJ)... I had many back and forth emails from them, Eddie Bauer said it was a NJ law to charge tax on "shipping"... I relentlsessly showed every other retailer that when advertising free shipping they do not charge for handling and NO one charges any form of tax...
Today I saw this email...
NO Shipping Charge, No Handling Charge and
No Tax!

Time to order the vest that has had my my name on it all season!

And, Thank you Eddie Bauer!

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