Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet the Schneiders!!!

Introducing the "latest and greatest" in the Schneider Family... Josh and Kyllie 4 months old with proud parents Nilcee and Gary! I've known Gary since 1982? we spent the summer together in New Hampshire both doing summer stock theatre... 8 full blown plays/musicals in 10 weeks. It was wonderful, full cast of characters! I was the stage manager for the company, Gary was a performer. I liked him right away, he was a character and I gravitated to his humor and honesty! We've become close friends and I remember him visiting me when my son was an infant, this single guy drove out from Long Island to visit! Gary and Nilcee just had their first children, twins born July 15th. I finally got to meet them, I'm the proud Aunt! Our children are 21 years apart in age... they have a lifetime of beautiful memories to share with their "instant" family. This was a blessing for them and how wonderful it was to be smothered with 2 beautiful babies!
Thanks Mariann and Rob for hosting us...such a "happy" occasion!

Mariann, Susan, Nilcee with Josh and Kyllie!

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