Monday, November 2, 2009

I like when we "Fall Back"...

I'm ALWAYS the minority when we change the clocks to daylight saving time... why?... I actually prefer it, I always have, I have memories as a kid and liking it! I think I have a false sense that "everyone is home", surely not the case - but it's a good reason to light candles, start dinner earlier and get more accomplished in the house! I'm ready for the long days in the summer and enjoy all seasons...but there is something about the early dark evenings and preparing for the winter solstice that I look forward to! I clearly don't suffer from S.A.D (Season Affective Disorder)... Plus... it's easier to get up when it's not so dark!

Everyone has their own ideas of why we change the clocks... listen to people - you'll hear them all. If you're truly that interested - purchase "Seize the Daylight" .. a few snippets I learned from this book...

The goal of daylight saving time—to use daylight to its maximum advantage—is generally recognized to be of universal benefit. But few people understand how surprisingly controversial this deceptively simple idea has been. SEIZE THE DAYLIGHT chronicles the long-standing debates: Proponents have proclaimed DST's benefits, including saving energy, reducing automobile accidents, providing more daylight for outdoor activities, cutting crime, and many others. But DST also has had many detractors—from farmers to parents of schoolchildren—who have waged contentious battles against it.
In addition to energy, accidents, and crime, daylight saving time affects a very wide variety of other, often unexpected areas, from Mid-East terrorism to the attendance at London music halls, voter turnout to gardening, street crime to the profits of radio stations. SEIZE THE DAYLIGHT relates all of these extraordinary tales as well—and a great deal more.
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