Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Mess with the Turkey!

The most traditional meal (to me) is Thanksgiving - we have our favorites for other holidays...but don't mess with Thanksgiving Dinner. It's not the time to try a "Southwestern Turkey"... not in my house anyway - and from talking and listening to's the same in most families! Frequently everyone likes to make their traditional food the same way someone made it in their home growing up. I always woke up to smelling onions and celery cooking on the stove in herbs... it is my earliest memory, my mom always stuffed the we always stuff the turkey too (and we never take the internal temperature to be sure it's hot enough and killed potential bacteria...and NONE of us have ever been sick)... I "love" to hear people's traditions... I'm always fascinated how Italians have pasta first... I love pasta, but never on Thanksgiving. I think my favorite reason I love Thanksgiving is "no gifts"... it's all centered around a meal, always at the same table (never a kid table on Thanksgiving) ... and everyone celebrates... you just wonderful to say "Happy Thanksgiving" and NOT Have a nice Holiday... (that bugs me)...

Pecan Pie... My FAVORITE!

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