Saturday, November 7, 2009

My niece Maggie...and "our" Crew Club!

This is Maggie, my adorable (5'11") almost 17 year old niece. Maggie has been rowing on a crew team (the same club I joined this summer) for over a year, she is a "natural" at it... height is VERY helpful when rowing, so is consistent practice (and youth)!   We never got to go out in a double this year together, but we are determined to come spring when I'm back to the boat and rowing again! I can't wait. Maggie is a Junior in high school and is considering rowing in college, any team would be very happy to have her. Besides being a natural in a skull, she is a great girl and great company! Her pictures are inspiring to me. I "should" be rowing on simulators, rowing machines called ergometers - "ergs".
"SHOULD BE" - there is something about being indoors and exercising that I really dislike... I'm NOT joining ANY more gyms... and then not continue with them!  I love winter, but these pictures are very inspiring to me and I can't wait to be back in the water, I miss it!  Keep up the great work Maggie! 

Maggie in the bow in a double

Maggie is first in the bow of the boat in a quad

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preppyplayer said...

they are inspiring to me and I don't even row!