Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh No...No More Oprah???

Who can forget this famous show in 1988? 
OH NO...

No more Oprah... She is brilliant and knows after 25 years to leave while "on top"
I don't think this is the LAST of her, this mega woman will not be going away.
I don't watch her show much can I? Some sleepless nights I've found myself tuning in at 1:00 AM...
So...we know she will be on live until September, 2011 - it's not EVEN 2010 and we will hear about the count down I'm sure. I still remember Johhny Carson's last show with Bette Midler on it... who do you think will be Oprah's last guest?
Do you remember this:

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OHN said...

Waaayyy back when she started, my mom lived in PA and I lived in Ohio and was newly married. We would both watch the show and chat, like only a mom and daughter can, about all the nuances of the show. But, I haven't watched in a very long time. I would start again if she would put me on her payroll :)