Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Series...Great Lesson...Great Memories!

It was a GREAT night for the NY Yankees!  I remember it like yesterday when Phil took Gene into the city to the parade, the following year his Grandpa took him in... he missed a day of school and he still talks about it today! 
What was very moving to me was hearing the news this morning that both Joe Girardi and Andy Petitte had been stopped at a standard drunken-driving enforcement checkpoint, and "of course"  passed!  After both were congratulated on their wins, Joe Girardi stopped to assist at an accident on the Cross County Parkway in Eastchester, it was the same officer that he was just tested for drunken-driving, but this time he was seen trying to flag down assistance and help at the scene of the accident! 
I have a lot of respect for the Phillies, I heard Charlie Manuel, their manager who was very humble and polite when reflecting on the series.  "I think we'll be back but they were better than us this series. They outplayed us".  He had better sportsmanship than many parents I've seen at little league games! 
Tomorrow the Yankees will be honored in their parade...well deserved and now that my son is 21, and no classes on Friday, I'd not be surprised if he'll be going in to it again... this time with his friends, but great early memories with his father and grandfather! 

Yankees Parade, NYC - 2000! 

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