Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Willies at a Wake"!

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I ALWAYS dread going to wakes, even those that I'm not emotionally connected to. I get that "empty pit in my stomach feeling" as I'm approaching the funeral home. "Funeral Home"... I guess it's supposed to make you feel 'comfortable"! It doesn't. The worst part is not knowing what to expect... is the casket open... my side of the family - always. That dreaded part of waiting on the receiving line to meet the immediate family - and is there ANYTHING else we can say except "I'm so sorry"??? Their comeback is so easy "Thank you for coming"!
I also don't like dressed dead bodies... or I guess any dead bodies - when I go and kneel to pay my respect, I'm always thinking - who picked out what they are wearing, what prayer should I say, why does everyone always say "they look good" or "they look peaceful" - THEY ARE DEAD!  Please, I'm NOT trying to come across at all morbid, or disrespectful but having just come from a "funeral home" tonight and trying to be a little creative in what to say to the family... it's on my mind... until the next one!

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OHN said...

Boy, am I with you on this one! I can't tell you how many calling hours I have skipped, and instead, wrote a letter or card.

Seriously...when my mom died, so many people came, and today, I couldn't tell you who half of them were. I certainly didn't know who didn't come.

The whole calling hours thing to me, is creepy and morbid.

Just my 2 cents :)