Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank You... A true act of concern and kindness!

Next time someone asks me for directions I will be sure to give them my fullest attention... Today, I had someone who just amazed me...there is "above and beyond" then there is a step above that. While trying to find a location in Camden (which I've since found out is a very high crime area), I asked someone how to get to a location... He emphasized how dangerous of an area it was and he was going to plug in his GPS and find it for me... In the interim I find out his little daughter in his car is late for Kindergarten... he said to me "the teacher will understand" if you make one wrong turn you are in serious consequence! He could not get a signal, plugged in his GPS, and waited with me for over 10 minutes to be sure he had perfect directions. He even confirmed with someone else in the parking lot...drew me a picture so I could "follow exactly"
I was so impressed by this stranger who was so concerned, and so sure I was not going to make any wrong turns. I'll never see this kind man again... my only way of thanking him is to hopefully be able to help someone else to the same extent sometime. A true act of concern and kindness.
AND...his directions and hand drawn map were impeccable... thank you whoever you are!

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preppyplayer said...

I Love That! But, I know you would do the same thing :)