Friday, October 30, 2009

Anything Goes!

I'm forever amazed at the attire on a college campus... basically ANYTHING GOES. And, why do they look like they just rolled out of bed and scuffed their way to class... because that's exactly what they did... most students are proud of it and make no bones about it. I can't say "all" students, but most.  Faculty have given up saying anything...they're just happy when they show up for class! 

PJ bottoms worn by men and women...are the most common, my son too!
I was horrified (apparently all his pants and sweats were dirty) ...

Sandals in the winter!

 and this sloppy hair knot?

The killer is, they spend a ton of money on this look, and usually sporting a very expensive bag carrying their "stuff". I guess I would not want to enforce a dress code, maybe just A LITTLE pride.

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