Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Over the Edge"

I am not a worrier, things just usually "fall into place"... Phil often uses a line his father said frequently "90% of the things you worry about, never happen" - I truly believe that. My heart stops if my son calls at a "strange" hour... but I "rebound" quickly. OK...this garage sale is putting me over-the-edge. I stopped at one last weekend just to have an idea on what others do... I would NOT sell the crap that was for sale at this home. I'm spending every night polishing copper, brass, etc. Ironing curtains - and linens. I'm truly in foreign territory and just fear a driveway full of stuff I did not sell, I DO NOT want to cart it around to different agencies and donate it... I also don't want neighbors and friend coming to "shop" - how can you take money from people you know??? I'd just give it to them. Everyone has their own "tips" on making it successful, I'm listening to them all... giving up an entire weekend is painful... I'm determined I will NEVER do this again.... Oh Ya - we're never supposed to say "I'll never do this again" too!

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