Monday, October 5, 2009

Split Second Decision...

Have you ever heard a story - a "close call" that haunts you? Last night my sister and niece told me something that's been haunting me... Picture this... mother (my sister) in car 3 cars behind her 17 year old daughter... 17 year old attempts to cross RR crossing, stuck in traffic...both rail road gates come in front of her, the other behind her... My niece, quickly zig zags through the closed gates... 10 seconds later, the train goes howling through... The good news of course is... no one was hurt. The lesson, don't ever cross a rail road crossing unless you are sure you can clear it and make it to the other side. Can you imagine the split second decision... can you imagine a mother 3 cars behind her watching this?
This happened very close to my house, when telling this story everyone knew exactly where it had to have happened... Ramsey, NJ. My sister called the police and they were neither here nor there about it... I hate to think it would take a true tragedy to make a change at this intersection! 

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