Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No More "Gourmet"???

Gourmet Magazine, 1947 ~ Thirty Five Cents!

Frequently my first news flash is on AOL...on Monday I was devistated to read that "Gourmet" Magazine is closing...November, 2009 is the last issue!  Throughout the years, I've subscribed to most of the food magazines... and when they start to "take over"... it pains me, but I do "ditch them"... Of them all, I considered "Gourmet" the biblical status of the food world, it always was the glossiest, the shiniest, the most indulgent. It's been published since January, 1941... how sad this "favorite" magazine to most "foodies" is closing shop. I'm currently looking at October's Issue, it has a beautiful candy apple on the cover! Conde Nast is shutting down 3 magazines in total, the other's I can easily live without... but not having our issue of Gourmet arriving monthly will be a void...

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