Monday, October 12, 2009

Garage Sale Memories!

Yes, I was happy to make some "fast cash" and happy to get rid of a lot of STUFF that's been hanging around for what seems to be "forever"... but, my favorite thing about hosting a garage sale ~ the characters I met... it renewed my faith in people! I was told 2 men would be around... the "riffle" man and the "gold" man... both on a mission - they were there! My favorite ~  some of the people who hardly spoke English - two groups arrived in a small car, 5 to 6 people popped out of the car, a baby on one lap and the cars filled to the brim with "stuff" they were collecting all day...both equally friendly... one lady undressed down to underwear in my garage trying on clothes... no inhibitations, polite and a pleasure to please! I sent off one family with way more than they bought including a hammock that they fit through both back windows with 4 people sitting under it! My least favorite, were some of the big fancy cars with people who were on a mission to bargain over a dime on items they "tested" to see if sterling or plated... out of principal I would not come down 10 cents on some things... people can bring out the best and worst in people! Will I do it again? NO. I'm determined to NOT purchase ANYTHING I don't need... but I think everyone should have a garage sale at least once, you'll be shocked at people who come out of the woodwork... sort of like facebook!


preppyplayer said...

doesn't it feel so good to purge?
I keep forgeting to ask my sister to email me the link to the "bee site."
I will tomorrow morning :)

OHN said...

We had a big garage sale when we were moving and as a joke my mother-in-law brought some reeeealllly ugly thick yellow PLASTIC flowers. Two ladies actually fought over them. It was hysterical.

The same sale, I had a man "steal" what he was holding. He stuffed it under his shirt and walked to his car. Weird.