Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eddie Bauer....LOVE Them... but my Pet Peeve!!!

Our family all love Eddie Bauer....for many reasons. (obviously, we are NOT a big high fashion family) The quality is great, selections terrific and primarily because they have "tall" sizes. Phil and Gene are both tall torso's so instead of going to a size XL or XXL, we get a tall size and it fits them perfectly, this includes all shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc. Myself included, I like many items in tall as well. Whenever we see outlets, we will make it a point to go to the Eddie Bauer outlet, they also have great outdoor gear that Phil loves for his winter fishing. What bugs me...huge pet peeve is they are famous for advertising "free shipping" on their website. BUT...they are the only store that sneaks in a "handling charge".... When other online sites have free shipping it always includes handling too. It's only a few dollars, but it just bugs me... I sent them an email, blah, blah, blah - some insane reason. I was just visiting their online store... I love this vest (tell me it does NOT have my name on it)...

... and they were charging $3.00 for handling - what gives??? Out of principal... did not continue with the order! But, I REALLY want this vest!!!!!

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Caz said...

I just got this from a store in boston but it is not avail online weird