Friday, October 16, 2009

Lovin' Trader Joe's!!!

I love William Sonoma... for obvious reasons. But, I'm lovin Trader Joe's too... it took me a few shopping experiences there to embrace it... I'm forever amazed at their low prices... and that they never seem to go up! They are also VERY friendly and you can always find someone to help... I have a few regular items I always purchase there. Here goes: white balsamic vinegar - $2.99, chocolate chips - $1.99 (and they also have milk chocolate, hard to find), dried cranberries... But my favorite aisle has to be their frozen section - always the most crowded too: Fire Roasted Veggies with Balsamic Glaze (soooo good), frozen green beans (amazing value), pot stickers (and great dipping sauce next to it), many thin crust interesting pizzas, frozen blueberries - $1.69 a bag, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake deserts, and amazing fish pieces! My least favorite section is their produce (pre packaged), NO honey crisp apples either, and I never even look at their meat (no butcher on site)... they have great mixes (cakes, muffins) and seasonal items too... and on the way in, don't miss their great selection of very well priced cut flowers! I've tried their "Two Buck Chuck" Wine once, I'm NOT a fan... and there is only 1 Trader Joe's in NJ that sells wine - my new favorite wine store in NJ is Stew Leonard's (another blog)... I was just at Trader Joe's on my way home last night and left with many of my regular favorites... I never thought I'd be so interested in "grocery stores"!

Greatest Section - Frozen Foods!

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preppyplayer said...

I'm a big fan too! I love reducing the white balsamic, makes the best sweet glaze!
The fresh frozen wild caught fish is excellent and they have great high fiber bread and english muffins.
I walk over to stews and make it a two birds with one stone trip.

I agree with Elaine, let's at least meet for a drink and apps, maybe after your shift one night?