Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cigarettes Anyone?

My favorite Halloween Costume was being a cigarette girl! My mother, who is very clever, imaginative and patient gave me the idea...I had never heard of it, I was 9 years old! Mom cut down a shiny green taffeta dress of hers with sequence on it, she made it for herself and decided she no longer needed it. She made a little hat and a box with sash (like these photos) and it was filled with a variety of cigarettes. I had on fishnets too - and my favorite thing about Halloween was being allowed to wear make up! I KNEW I had the most creative and original costume... unfortunately the judges at a party didn't! I had to tell all of my friends what I was "I'm a cigarette girl"!! Now...can you even imagine suggesting this as a costume now...for your 9 year old to wear in the school parade??? This was one of my greatest Halloween moments... Thanks Mom!!!

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