Monday, August 10, 2009

We lost a "good" one... but he won't be forgotten!

Allendale will miss "Gene"
I've reflected on this before... everyone who's passed is usually canonized, or put on a "high" pedestal ... of course it's how we like to remember them - "they were the greatest" I'm always amazed on how we automatically refer to the deceased in the "past" tense, it's never mistaken that we talk about them presently.
What am I getting at... reflecting on someone who recently passed in my home town. His name is "gentleman". Well, it could be - ironically, his name is Gene and the first time he introduced himself to me was when our children were very young and he heard me call my son's name "Gene" - he perked up and we automatically had something in common.
Gene gave selflessly at our church and in our community, and he gave from his heart. His eldest son gave a beautiful eulogy at his Funeral Mass - and reflected on the Gene I did not know as well. It made me respect him even more. As sad as it was to see his family and friends so empty with him gone, it was a celebration of his life - his proud Irish heritage, his love for his church and community and someone who made a difference in the world, his legacy won't be forgotten!

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