Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Julia and Julie"... to me personally, a true connect!

I enjoyed "Julia and Julie"... Meryl Streep is just amazing and if for no other reason, to see her performance is worth it. Before the food network was such a hit, there were very few chefs on TV - My first memory of Julia Child is, she was funny, loving, direct and made everything she cooked look so delicious and so easy! One of my husbands highlights when attending the C.I.A. was meeting Julia Child. She was a legend, she lived a wonderful life in a very loving relationship. The movie depicted Julia's life with her husband, her determination to "do something" in her life, which was her love affair with food. Amy Adams became obsessed over Julia and spent 1 year blogging about her and creating every recipe in Julia's famous "Art of French Cooking" book... I felt a bit of a dis-connect with the two of them never meeting. I love talking about food, recipes, people's menus, etc. it's the reason I'm working p/t at Williams Sonoma, I'm surrounded by true "foodies" (would someone please come up with a better term than "foodie")~
I "love" everything about food...the only thing I don't love is NOT being able to get away with eating as much of it...
PS... it's not recommended to go to this movie is you are hungry!

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preppyplayer said...

I haven't seen this movie but imagined that you would love it!