Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Jersey Fresh"!

Farmer's Market, Ridgewood, NJ

Living in the "Garden State" of New Jersey... where there are many wonderful farm stands... we are reminded just how wonderful our local produce is! Even chain supermarkets are able to get some local produce, and when you see the "Jersey Fresh" sign, you know it's from a local farmer! I worked at a farm in NJ, very close to my home and saw how hard farming is, how a drought or rainy season could easily wipe out a crop.
Just a few miles from my house is the Ridgewood Farmers Market, open every Sunday morning - you can smell the basil when you get out of your car!
Nothing compares to a tomato out of a Jersey garden in August!
If you live in NJ - please sponsor our local farmers and support "Jersey Fresh"!

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