Tuesday, August 18, 2009

College Transition... better for the kids than me!

SHU Rugby... take car of my boy!

Villanova... here comes John!

Gene and John ~ June, 2009

I'm not great with change, especially when it involves people...leaving. My nephew is leaving tomorrow for Villanova, he and Gene besides being close cousins, are close friends - so happy for John, but I'll miss him. Gene is starting to move into his off campus house today... "The Rugby House"... it's everything you'd imagine a Rugby House to look like! He's so excited... I'm dealing with it. It's the third time for him having to say good bye to his friends and girl friend... I'm not good with that either! Once everyone is settled, and happy - I'll be fine and life won't skip a beat. Maybe it brings back memories like yesterday on how I never liked leaving home for college, I never adjusted to dorm life and after 2 years at 2 different colleges, I moved back home, had a car, went to a local college, and I thrived. To each, his own. For me, realizing change is just part of life, missing people is very hard for me... but knowing they are all happy is what really counts!

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