Monday, August 24, 2009

Alaskan King Crab - A La Alton Brown!

Phil promised Gene Alaskan King Crab before he went back to school... Gene reminded me MANY times this summer.. they seemed to always be exorbitantly expensive and honestly, I've never prepared them and had NO idea what to do with them. We were down to the wire... it had to be last night (Sunday). I went online and read EVERY way possible to prepare them - boil, bake, grill, steam. I thought steaming made the most sense, as they are cooked then frozen and only need re-heating. Less than 24 hours later... who is on the food network tonight and JUST HAPPENS to thoroughly go over the BEST way to prepare Alaskan King Crab legs... Alton Brown! He's another favorite of mine... and he's famous for his VERY thorough and entertaining way of doing everything. How does Alton Brown recommend preparing them... in the microwave... the one way that NEVER crossed my mind! He suggests to wrap the claws in a damp paper towel, cover in plastic and NUKE them, 6 at a time for 2 minutes! Shocked me!
I find crabs just too much work... my favorite and the ONLY crabs I enjoy are Florida Stone Crab Claws...
Back to last night... Gene and Kelsey seemed to enjoy them... Phil does not like ANY fish that has ever been frozen, I had a couple...but just not work the effort to me - but, I can cross off one of the "promises" that came from Dad!

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