Monday, May 18, 2009

Volunteering Your Kids!

Sneaky, (a little) ...but it's working .... How to keep a bored 20 year old out of trouble? According to him I'm VERY GOOD at volunteering him to do jobs! He's right, and it's worked! College kids get home from school WAY TOO EARLY... and my son does not have official work until Memorial Day Weekend when our town lake opens up. I volunteered him to paint my sister's fence (he loves her and wants to help). I agreed (before we asked him) that he could help at an 11 year old's Nurf Gun birthday party! (which he had a blast at) ~ I was able to have him work at 2 graduate receptions at SHU... easy money on Saturday and Sunday. Today he's starting clean up at the lake, (pre-season). Next weekend, while working there is no reason he can't help "dog sit" too. Of course we kept him busy at home in the yard with the lawn and trips to the dump!
Hey, some extra money and gives his thumbs a break from the Sony Play Station Controls! I'm quoting my sister's famous line "easier to ask for forgiveness than permission"... but in all honesty, he's been a trouper about all this and there has been very little complaining...
Thank You Gene!

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