Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because "The Donald" say's it's OKAY???

OK...SO Donald Trump gives the OKAY to Miss California...Trump said he and other pageant officials had reviewed racy photos of Miss Prejean and decided they were acceptable. "We are in the 21st century. We have determined the pictures taken are fine," he said, adding that "in some cases the pictures were lovely." It's OK...why?...because "The Donald" says so... ??? I know he owns Miss USA ... that's a blog onto itself. Does anyone else find this so amusing? I honestly think the question was a little "loaded"... she'd get flack however she answered it. (Her opinion on gay marriage) I admit, I'm a left wing liberal, I've no problem with gay marriage. My issue is "The Donald" having the "hutspa" to be able to judge if her photographs (semi nude)? were OK? Maybe the real issue is that Miss USA or Miss America even existing as a "beauty pageant" anymore! With all the reality TV now, it's lost it's following (I think)... I remember as a little girl knowing it was on once/year - and we ALL watched it, all had comments, it was actually a bit of a "family event" So... Miss Prejean finished as first runner-up, but it was not clear if her answer cost her the crown... and what's most disturbing is that"The Donald" received the press he needed and wanted... that's what really mattered to him... feeding his larger than life ego with publicity!

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preppyplayer said...

Aren't you so sick of it all? I remember LOVING the Miss America pagent when I was young, now it is a big Yawn!