Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My Mom....
Who deserves a wonderful Mother's Day, today and Always!
Love You and Thank You Always!

Mother's Day, 2007

The TRUE meaning of Mother's Day in our household is to "honor" the matriarch of the family... usually Grandma's. I've yet to ever rest on a Mother's Day...nor my sister or sister-in-law when they host... today is my sister-in-law's ...she's been preparing for days... OH well... something to look forward to... not that I'm in ANY rush to be a Grandma!!! It's just another one of those "feel good holidays"... little gift of appreciation is all it takes... for me... cleaning out the garage would be the greatest type of gift... I do like to make my mother feel special...unfortunately we won't be celebrating together this year. I hope Mom's everywhere have a special day!

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