Thursday, May 28, 2009

God Grant me Patience!

If there was one (of a few) things I need to change about myself it's my patience (or lack of) level... and it frightens me because I think it's getting worse. When an automatic door does not open fast enough...or a 411 operator takes too long to get me a phone number, and when it takes someone 5 minutes to back out of a parking space...I automatically get so inpatient! I was recently on the deli line... I accepted there were 18 people in front of me...of course I dash to get other things because the thought of waiting is just not an option... I've been lucky and never missed hearing my number when it's finally my turn.'s FINALLY my turn and as the woman is cutting my turkey...she takes a break from slicing and is telling a story to another worker...I thought I was going to jump over the deli case and finish my own order! I walk too EVERYONE tells me...I say it's long legs... in reality it's just wanting to get where I have to get, quickly. Shopping socially... NEVER - the thought of having to look in stores that I'm not interested in is also NOT AN OPTION... I buy what I need and then get out of the store ASAP. And...when the car in front of me stops when the light JUST TURNS YELLOW - OMG!!! ... I'm a true "push it to the limit" person and a yellow light means "go faster" before it turns red... I'm not proud of this either!

I do, though, have patience when it comes to working with children, students, people with disabilities or someone who is sick or suffering... at least I hope I do.
Anyway...this is something I'm realizing about myself and know I have to change... One of my sister's wants me to take up playing golf... just the thought of being "stuck" on a course with people in front of me and wanting to quit before we are done makes me know not to even venture into playing... this is not a good thing.
I think I may force myself to try yoga, I hear it's helpful - I'm hoping so, if not - Yikes...what should I do???

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