Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New our Family Holiday!

Colonial we come!

It's one of those places you just feel necessary to show your family... I've been informed - (by our son), this is a VACATION, not a field trip or history lesson! The nerve. I can't imagine EVER saying something like that to my parents, especially my Dad who was a history major. Somewhere along the way our initial family vacations of camping every year in the Northern Adirondacks and New England... (very earthy), to then exposing him to a few too many resorts, spoiled him! I'm not a fan on someone getting me a drink at poolside and resist even having someone helping me with my own luggage - but I'll admit, after our last camping venture of 5 straight days in the rain and a wet pillow, I decided it was time to take a LONG break from sleeping in a sleeping bag. I think balance is the most important thing in life... and that includes family holidays. So, a little "history lesson" is a good thing, I'm ready for the "moans and groans" but, he'll also get his share on some world class golf courses, Busch Gardens and we're sharing this holiday with his lovely long time girlfriend, who we're excited to have join us too! We're staying on a "plantation resort"... lots to offer in an historic part of our country...maybe NOT the Caribbean, certainly NOT camping - but hopefully a balance that will suit us all!

Back on June 7th!

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