Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th Album...4th Photo and Still Swimming!

Gene, 11 years old!

Gene, 19 years old...same lake!

A few months ago... "Preppy Player" posted a great picture that she identified as her 4th album, 4th photo... I loved the idea and went and did the same thing... Well, months later and finally getting the scan fixed on my printer, I'm posting the 4th photo in the 4th album in my book shelf. I've been staring at this photo of my son for months... ironically, it's this season already.
When my son was 11, he was gleaming with joy on this day when he received the trophy for the best swimmer in his age group! I knew he earned it, he is a shark in the water...but until his name was called, we were not positive. I took this picture that night, he is gleaming with joy! This was the first trophy he received when the entire team did not receive a trophy just for participating...he truly earned it! Many years and sports later... I somewhat wish he stayed with competitive swimming, he was a natural and always excelled when racing, both at the local town level and in a competitive swim club. Oh well... he's still a great swimmer and this being his 5th season as a lifeguard (this year he's gloating as he's the head guard) at the same's become his "backyard" in the summer!

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preppyplayer said...

Too cute, I remember him so well when he was that age! Have a happy memorial day. Will I see you for hot dogs and beer? Hope so!