Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, I'm the "middle child" and would never want it differently!

"Middle kids bemoan their fate as being ignored and often grow resentful of all the parental attention given to the oldest and the baby of the family, and feel short-shifted." - NOT TRUE
"Three kids triangulate sibling relationships, with one child at any given point feeling like the odd man out from the chumminess of the other two"

OK...enough already. I'm a firm believer people have to be responsible for their own actions and NOT blame others for any shortcomings... I've heard so many times "oh, so you're the middle child" - and for lack of not knowing any better and really sounding ignorant, I just shrug and go along with their ridiculous comment...I really never researched what "middle child syndrome is"....

I just don't believe, or fall in the category that "Thus many middle children grow up with a more relaxed attitude towards life than their older siblings; though they have to compete for family attention against the milestones set by the oldest, and growing up in their shadow. Middle children have to try a little harder to “be heard” or get noticed. The middle child usually has to fight harder for the attention of their parents and therefore crave the family spotlight. They may feel that they do not get as much praise as the older children for simple firsts like tying a shoe or riding a bike. Those things just become expected." AGAIN...NOT TRUE!

So, do I praise my parents or mother (Mom was a sudden widow at 41 years old) for me not feeling this way? I guess I should. Having grown up the "middle child" of three girls was a blessing to me. I was the one that shared the bedroom with my eldest or youngest, I "think" I liked it this way, I honestly can't remember. In reflecting on other families who I know their "middle" child, I can't put them in the same category as the common "middle child syndrome" either! I've been thinking (and worrying)...did we screw up having just one child? I had to read up on "only child" syndrome... well, there is much controversy on that as well... although they say it may be an advantage...whatever it is... my son (unless by a miracle that would put me on the front page of the "Daily News") will stay an only child...and if I'm to be blamed later in life.... oh well...maybe someday he'll "Blog" and say it's not true as well...sort of "hope so"!


preppyplayer said...

When I hear of these "syndromes," I tend to believe the good stuff and discard any of the negative :)
I am the eldest and "most reponsible!"

Anonymous said...

Blame anything as a reult of growing up in Oakland and IHHS