Monday, February 2, 2009

February means Valentine's Day....'s February...officially the time when the stores are inundating us for Valentine's Day. I'd like to say I don't care about Valentine's Day...but honestly, there is a little bit about it that I do look forward to... (besides my favorite color being red) ....just a simple reminder that it's a special day that makes it out of the ordinary!
Honestly, when it's Valentine's Day or Easter and just a small gift is given and received I say to myself... "this is how Christmas should be"!
So...I'll admit that I do drop hints.... "NO Candy"....or just "maybe a couple chocolate covered strawberries".... "NO jewelry", I have more "heart" jewelry than I could EVER possibly wear! "ABSOLUTELY NO ROSES"...OMG, what a rip off, and they are NOT a favorite of mine.... Yes, to a simple bunch of tulips I do cherish .... but there is something about those cheap little pastel candy hearts that bring back the oldest of memories.... Do you have a "favorite"???

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