Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Cherished Reading Group!

Everyone should give themselves the gift of belonging to a "reading group"

Okay... it was January of 2005 when I had to have a "different" New Year's Resolution... and starting ANOTHER failed diet was not an option (and I knew I was in the lineup for gastric bypass).... so I did what I wanted to do for a long time .... I branched out of my "comfort zone" and started a "book group". Both of my sisters already belonged to a group, I was envious and told that their "groups"... (I just can't call it a club) were "full" and since they had been "invited" they could not ask if I could join (hmm, imagine that, being "disked" by your sisters) ~ So, I decided if I'm to initiate this, I'm asking women who I find "opinionated, honest and fun," and people throughout the years I've enjoyed to "talk" to ~ more than on a "superficial level". We started small, just 4 of us, and within a year we were a "full fledged" group of 7 women. We LOVE each other and all cherish our gatherings.... we try and meet every 6 weeks, we rotate, have a fun menu of appetizers and deserts... (and of course vino)... and our "steadfast" rule is like Vegas.... "what's discussed in our reading group.... stays in our reading group" - and trust me, we are NOT tacky and do not thrive on gossip.... We do our share of talking about our kids...but it's time to reflect amongst ourselves... lots of laughs (LOTS)... some tears and mostly unconditional support where you NEVER feel judged and everyone accepts everyone for whom they are!
So....if you belong to a reading group... I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.... and if you have not yet joined a reading group... I encourage you to start one.... there is much interest out there... small detail I forgot to mention.... we DO TRY and talk about the book we selected......."well, sometimes that is"

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