Saturday, February 21, 2009

If I WAS to join a fan club...

It would definitely be a David Letterman Fan Club.... I assume they exist...but seriously - I think I'm too old to start joining a fan club! I find it increasingly more difficult to stay up until 11:30, but if I do... I never fall asleep once I'm "tuned in". My least favorite part of his show are his "top 10"... but I have my own!

10. He doesn't exploit his son or private's kept private, but we can all tell how much he loves his son Harry, who is named after his own father.

9. He's a quiet philanthropist.

8. He's loyal, original, and just VERY funny.

7. During the last writers strike, David paid his staff their salaries out of his own pocket. Jon Stewart (another favorite) followed.

6. He truly loves his mother Dorothy, she's fun for him to "poke" at ~ but you can tell she's been his rock.

5. He's a proud crazy Liberal. Most (or many) in the media are...but don't come out as openly about it!

4. I look for those stupid white socks every show... I understand he wears a new pair every show.

3. My favorite episode was when Senator McCain admitted to screwing up when he lied to David about skipping his show...weeks after bailing on him to do a different interview!

2. Before his quintuple heart bypass surgery (Jan. 2000), he had not missed a day due to illness in his 18 years of late-night.

1. And the newest trivial bit of fun information is ... Phil's Uncle's daughter (from his first marriage) is David Letterman's "assistant" on the show... he's been fly fishing with David at his ranch in Montana.... (I hate name droppers....but it did make our Thanksgiving dinner conversation very fun).... and we've been told we can get tickets whenever we want. Stephanie is often referred to as "Smitty," "Monty," "Gunter," and "Dutch.", most recently David calls her "Vicky"... and David Letterman paid for her to go to law school - another reason I like him!

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