Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lipstick Personality Test!!

OK.... so now is the time to have some fun
and see if your lipstick reveals the REAL you!!!
1. You challenge rules, but you also respect them. You're not one to have an affair. Good follower. You like some attention, but not a lot of it. You prefer to have a schedule. When you color your hair, it's so that it's more dramatic.
2. You're easy going and are a real romantic. You have a lot of endurance, likable and balanced in all you do. You're likely to keep a relationship going, even if you're not that happy because you like having someone. You're generous to the point of being taken for granted many times.
3. You're very opinionated to the degree of full-forced passion! You tend to be impatient. You're not a big fan of schedules either. Your selective about your friends, but very loyal to those you do have. You're loaded with energy and very outgoing.
4. You're creative and very lusty. You like attention. You have a lot of strength and you fall in love too fast.
5. You're loyal, lovable and devoted. You're not a big party person, but like to party with just a few people. You're more of a home-orientated person, but needs contact with others either via the phone, letters or computer.
6. You're a direct person. You don't beat around the bush at all! You also have a lot of will power and can't be tempted easily. You're very concerned about your appearance and sometimes you get too flashy!
7. You remember details! No one fools you. You're also one to never refuse a challenge and have more courage than most people.
8. You love love! You go out of your way to get attention and have a big ego. You love sex and are pretty open to try new things. You love to travel, but not too far. You're also good at maintaining a sense of mystery about yourself. lipstick is a TRUE # angle (I've looked at a few).
What does yours say about you??? Is it true???

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preppyplayer said...

I don't wear lipstick :)
Thanks again for a wonderful evening, as usual :)