Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SUPERMAN... is very alive in our house!!!

Superman is still HUGE to my 20 year old...seriously. A few years ago, as a grown young adult, he seriously asked me if I had a choice of being Superman or Batman, which would I choose? I realized he was serious... and I probably gave a response "I'm not sure, why - who would you choose"?He proceeded to give me a full blown reason on why he would choose Superman over Batman... Recent birthday's have consisted of rare collectors posters, comics and other memorabilia, not to mention the numerous sweatshirts and tee shirts. Halloween... for the last umpteen years...yes, Superman, an adult costume - this year he was very clever and looked like Clark Kent, with his Superman costume underneath...even to the detail of black horn rim glasses, slicked his hair back - he looked like a carbon...
We're fans on all the run-offs too - "Smallville" "Lois and Clark..." the original TV shows, cartoons, etc.
When Christopher Reeve had his accident then passed, he was devastated and felt like he personally lost a hero. His friends and family are all aware of his passion for Superman... he loves it, proud of it and happy to tell you every and any little detail about any movie, show, etc. Why is this on my mind? Tonight he just came "flyin" into the house wearing one of his favorite tee shirts "mild mannered reporter" with black glasses on the front... this shirt is 5 years old...he still loves it!
And...there is something about his passion and spirit that I love too!!!

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