Monday, June 15, 2009


Called "The Stretch" in PA... (taken from my cell phone)
I spent the afternoon with Phil fly fishing... well, he fished - I watched, read and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. I've realized I don't have to fish to love the atmosphere of a running river in the woods. I could do without the bugs...but that is what makes fly fishing successful... a fly fisherman tries to "match the hatch" with their own made flies!
At some point I'll give in and cast a few myself... it's Phil's dream to have me out in the stream with him - this means he'll go out and purchase ALL OF THE GEAR for me, which seems excessive - he'll do ANYTHING to have me enjoy it, including taking the fish off the fly. I'm NOT a girly/girl - but something about fish and the everlasting smell seem to "skeeve me out".'s so peaceful and serene. We were the only ones in a 200 acre stretch of river yesterday - but when he told me I was sitting where a mother bear and her 2 cubs were recently, it put a new twist on feeling "so alone"... the wild turkeys, coyotes, boxer turtles and deer I can accept... the bear - not so sure. I'm married to a "A Grizzly Adam"... a true environmentalist who could survive in the woods... So nice to have such a passion.

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preppyplayer said...

Sounds like a dream come true, especially at this hectic time of the year!