Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eagle Scout in the Family!

My Sister Ellen, John and brother-in-law Bob

John getting his new neckerchief from an Eagle Scout

Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony. It is something everyone should attend, at least once. It was extra special for me because my only nephew, Godson and all around great kid was made an Eagle Scout recently. I'm not sure who was more proud, John or his parents. My sister is never demanding, but missing this ceremony was "not an option".
The work that goes into being an Eagle Scout is amazing - it forces elder teens to have great leadership and follower ship qualities. Noting you're an Eagle Scout is something you always do, grown men still list it on their resumes... Besides the dignitaries that attended, what was most impressive to me was watching the younger boy scouts who are looking up to them and knowing it is their turn as they work towards this rank. Only 2% of boys that enter into scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout... It was a very proud moment for our family, and his parents who were sweating it out until his 18th birthday when your Eagle Scout project has to be completed! Congratulations John...a proud memory I'll never forget!

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