Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making An Effort!


\ˈe-fərt, -ˌfȯrt\
1 : conscious exertion of power : hard work 2 : a serious attempt : try 3 : something produced by exertion or trying

Making an's one of my favorite qualities in people. It stands out significantly. I try and remind myself to consistently acknowledge people who "make an effort"... it comes in all shapes and sizes. When people give up personal "wants" or go out of their way to visit, and don't let their schedule change their initial intention I like to consider it one of the most selfless acts they can do. It's so easy to call and cancel a plan, we're all busy and EVERYONE can come up with a reason (or good sounding reason) on WHY THEY HAVE TO CANCEL. A few instances have stood out to me when friends have gone beyond the norm...just so they don't disappoint. I had a small surprise party for my husband once, my dear friend who then lived in NYC called me earlier that night and said the heat in their car was not working and it was not safe to drive their car in January without heat. She was right, it was not a good idea - I was disappointed, but I accepted it - the party went on... There was a knock on the door, it was she and her husband, she rented a car and made the party... a small act of kindness that showed an "effort" that I'll never forget! Family are "expected" to make an effort, and we usually do, especially a parent - we expect their unconditional love and effort. We shouldn't though. I have a favorite cousin (I call my Aunt) by marriage that has been ill and had some misfortunate accidents, it's haunting me I've not been to see her, I'm making it happen soon - a little effort on my end is all it will take. Last night 8-10 coworkers from my old company had planned to get together in the city, I met most of them 2 years ago. The effort on my end was minimal, traffic (that's expected) - but one friend drove up from DC just to see us all... I was so appreciative - a huge effort on her end, 2 small children at home too. message is, I have to remind myself that "making an effort" sometimes has to be conscious, I never want to be someone labeled as the person who "never shows up" or typically disappoints - I will always remember when people go "out of their way"... it's huge to me!

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