Monday, March 1, 2010

When was the last time you saw this???

On my way into school, (I drove in with my sister today), we see a guy with his thumb out, on the highway - Hitchhiking! When was the last time you witnessed this? It used to be a common scene... I was threatened to NEVER pick up anyone, and I never did (unless I knew them)... I'll also admit I never hitchhiked (in this country)... but all over Ireland (I was told it was safe, I was young and foolish and very lucky) - what was I thinking, no kooks in Ireland???
It was just a quick glimpse of something we used to frequently see... I had guy friends and that was their only way of getting around... and I thought absolutely NOTHING of it...

Not so sure if I now feel jaded, or I miss my innocence?

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OHN said...

When I was 15, I lied to my mom, and went out with a guy (he was 18) that I KNEW she hated. He didn't have a car so when we walked up to the main road, (I thought we were just taking a walk), he stuck out his thumb. I was so terrified of getting into a car, but I was more worried about him not liking me (cue incredible lack of confidence and insecurity here). We got a ride from a random guy, got all the way to this boys house (many many many miles from mine) and I wanted to go home. He offered to "get" me a ride (no he wouldn't be accompanying me). I started to cry, called my mom, confessed and she came to get me.

She was so relieved I was okay, that she never yelled. Now, as a mom, I know what that whole episode must have done to her.

I never, ever even thought of doing anything like that again.

(thanks for the trigger that made me remember this....I hadn't thought of it in YEARS!)