Friday, March 5, 2010

Simply Homemade Desserts - Meet Sharyn!

Sharyn on the show with the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay!
Bazzini Restaurant, Ridgewood, NJ - aired, February 5, 2010 - on "Hell's Kitchen"
It happened again... a Friday night at Williams Sonoma... I started talking to a customer who was reading one of our new "Chocolate Cake" Cookbooks... After talking to her for a while, she informed me she has her own baking business... I then learn she was the pastry chef on a recent "Kitchen Nightmares" episode... Wow! Of course I was engulfed in conversation and a sponge to learn everything about her... Her carrot cake is becoming word famous... Chef Ramsay LOVES it, endorsed it openly on his show and she is making them non stop. Sharyn Sherman is a character, I can see her taking her career to another level, she should - lots of spunk and feisty openness, we (my manager Lisa and I) encouraged her to "PUSH" herself to continue to be nationally recognized, with Easter around the corner make these carrot cakes well known! I certainly hope so! For anyone in the area, Sharyn currently has space in Cafe Amici in Wyckoff, (a great restaurant where Sharyn also supplies their desserts) she supplies a few other establishments and bakes for the consumer! Lisa ordered a carrot cake tonight... I think I may have to as well! To place an order, call:  201.248.9361 and... follow Sharyn on facebook: Simplyhomemadedesserts and her website: 
Sharyn's Famous Red Velvet Cupcakes
I mention that "it happened again"... on a recent Friday night, George Georgiades, from Varka Estiatorio in Ramsey, NJ also visited Williams Sonoma - another great chef! 
LINK to "Hell's Kitchen" Episode: (copy and paste to your browser)

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preppyplayer said...

You are really working at the right place!
I am sending in a contract but playing phone tag with the convention people, I have a couple of questions for them :)
Thanks again and I will connect with you next week to let you know what's up.