Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When your doctor calls... ?!?!?!

I had my long overdue physical last week... it's been haunting me. I knew I had to meet my new primary care physician and schedule my first colonoscopy.... (a few years overdue). Today I received a call... hmmm, why was the Physician calling me? Apparently, I'm VERY low in B12, Iron and Vitamin D, she sounded "a little" concerned and recommend I have B 12 injections weekly for at least a month... Can I come into her office TOMORROW??? She wanted to know how I was functioning, and "WHY" I'm not exhausted. I really had little to nothing to say... I feel absolutely the same. (I asked her to check to be sure she had "my" chart) I'm aware post bariatric patients may not absorb all nutrients... but I always thought I'd feel badly to determine if it was reason for concern... My sleepless nights are when our 21 year old is home from school and I can't sleep until he's in for the night... So, I'm going into her office to start my injections and starting my supplements...
This is a new challenge for me to face, maybe it goes with getting my AARP "STUFF" in the mail more frequently (that I totally ignore too)... my sister-in-law calls me "stubborn Irish"... maybe, after all, SHE does know best???

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