Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Shepherd's Pie Week!

Within the last week I've heard people refer to Shepherd's Pie at least 4 or 5 times... all very random comments, all random times - all stayed with me. One comment was because I mentioned Phil and I recently tried a new Greek restaurant and we shared Moussaka, what I'd call a Greek Shepherd's Pie... (sort of)... This past week it's just come up... once while eating lunch in the faculty lounge at school, once "I think" with Patty, (not even positive) yesterday while working at Williams Sonoma ... but the clincher was this morning one of my favorite channels to watch on Sunday Mornings is, what else, Food Network - one of my least favorite shows is Rachael Ray...but what was she making this morning - her version of "Shepherd's Pie"! (I thought I was hearing things) I've made it very rarely, growing up I'm pretty sure it's what my mom made and she called it Scotch Stew (I have to ask her)... So... figuring it was some sort of omen, I looked up a few recipes and bought the ingredients this morning - I'm sure my son will love it, I'd never make it for just Phil and myself! Curious, if you have a recipe for this English standard, please share it - there are no two recipes for this that are alike! (except for the mashed potatoes on the top)!

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