Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save The Date! .... is this really necessary?

A "Save the Date" set of Cookies arrive in a box!
This is a new phenonomin to me... receiving a piece of mail to "Save the Date". I'm going out on a limb (again)... I'm hearing about edible cookies that have a "save the date" message on them, not to mention that they cost $3.00 each to be mailed!
Perhaps you'd like this tacky magnet on your fridge so you don't forget to "Save the Date"!
 I know when we mailed our wedding invitations, we "banked" on some people NOT's just the way it was!   Well, the US Postal Service must be happy as mail is dwindling down to an all time low - but I'm really OK to wait to receive an invitation and if I'm booked already - Oh Well!
Here you go... another way to hope people remember to "Save the Date"!

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OHN said...

Our friends children are starting to marry and last winter we got our very first save the date note.

At first I was confused and thought the printer forgot to put down the details of where, etc. :)

I really need to come into this century I guess.

(Aren't weddings expensive enough without doing double postage?? Glad I have boys with common sense...hopefully they will find girls that want low-key, barefoot on the beach, destination weddings that I can dig my feet into :):)