Sunday, February 28, 2010

I "think" I have a problem!

"Hi, I’m Susan and I’m addicted to my computer".  Absence was the true test, and as I’m writing this and storing on my hard drive…it is because I realize just how “lost” I am without being “connected”. If you are reading this you’ll know I’ve missed you! The recent Nor’easter was a true test… just before I left school on Wednesday one of our “seasoned” professors reminded me to get batteries and have a full tank of gas… “Yah, OK” I was too focused on if we’d have 1 or 2 snow days! Lesson learned. 26 hours without electricity got VERY nippy… and so did our personalities clashing because we could not “hide” and do our own thing… we actually had to all be together and work together… Gene came home from school not feeling well, but I was determined unless it was proven Swine, he was with us in surviving and digging us out. The good news… the power returned after we came home from being out to dinner on day two… The bad news, still no cable – that means no TV, Internet or house phone. It has affected us all differently – Phil misses the TV the most and while I’m missing the Olympics, news and food channel, what I’m REALLY missing is internet connection… it’s painful, I’m way more reliant on it than I ever realized. A morning trip to Panera worked for me… Gene decided to stick it out one more day at home and went to the town library where they also had Wi-Fi… but, It’s getting old… and Cablevision is NOT #1 on my hit parade right now… their canned answers “we know it’s out, we apologize and we are doing EVERYTHING possible”…. I know in the scheme of things I sound so self centered, it’s really just an inconvenience and a good lesson on how we take this “privilege” for granted… but Mr. Cablevision guy… be honest – don’t say it will be restored in 4 hours just to get me OFF THE PHONE! Yadda, yadda… While the box is blinking “hold”… well, at least we’re warm… no heat for 26 hours reminded me of camping… a topic for another blog...oh and maybe caving in and getting a Blackberry! 
… Happy to report cable came back mid morning on Sunday, I was actually looking forward to my corner table at Panera again…but sitting on the couch with the Olympics back on is just how I want it.

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