Sunday, February 7, 2010

Once a Year Discussion...

It came up again tonight... Husband and Son (pre super bowl) ~

I'm holding my ground, and for those that do have this... go for it - I just can't embrace it.
A flat screen TV over the fireplace... I don't want it, I don't care how "nice" the TV is. First of all, I'm still insisting the TV be in an armoire, I don't think TV's are "pretty" - and want to shut it off when I don't have to look at it!
And if I did something like this....
How could I ever do this?

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OHN said...

We have had the same "discussion". I completely agree with you. I love being able to close the doors on the cabinet. I really don't want a TV as a focal point in my family room.....we have a beautiful fireplace.

Hold your ground :)