Saturday, February 6, 2010

Total Insanity!

Check out the carts...

OK...Snow is in the for-cast. What this REALLY means is... you better put on your brass knuckles and get to the grocery store - because you MAY have to go all of 1 day without getting out? Maybe? Who stays in because of a snow storm? My husband works in a grocery store, he's forever amused by the insanity. Let's be realistic... it shows our American consumerism in full gear... press the panic button if we were possibly stranded for 1 day... Could you NOT survive with what you have stored in your pantry and freezer for all of 1 day???????????

1 comment:

OHN said...

It always cracks me up. You would think that they had to be prepared for a two week haul, in the middle of nowhere.